Whether you require the basis of system architecture or expertise regarding vendor selection, we are here to assist you in making the right decision for now and your future network demands. Our team of specialists is available to assist you with network design, vender selection, product development and business consultancy. We are able to advise you in every phase of the process.


Professional Services

RTPL Professional Services offers network design, system commissioning and system integration services and can provide basic operational training to your staff to speed deployment while reducing your exposure to system-related risks.

When it comes to system integration, RTPL can apply engineering resources and expertise to supplement your in-house capabilities or provide you with a best-in-class outsourcing alternative. Our system engineers are experts at integrating systems that incorporate multiple technologies. We also offer program management, field support and end-to-end installation.

Our Network Design and System Integration services include:

• Architectural design and planning
• Program management
• Building and site preparation support
• System integration and deployment
• System commissioning
• Interoperability testing
• System documentation
• Test plan development
• Operational training