RudraBMS is a comprehensive integrated solution for the broadcast industry. It interlinks all the departments in a Broadcast house starting from Programming to Sales Administration to Marketing to Sales and Billing Process. The system ensures accurate billing by effectively managing account hierarchy, Content Rights Management, Ad Sales Booking along with Discounts offered on bulk deals, Billing cycle, Invoicing, Payment processing and collections.

RudraBMS is a very robust and cost effective solution for all sizes of broadcast networks that is built on the proven Microsoft Technologies. The system is modular and covers all aspects of the broadcast business process allowing our clients to scale up by size and by functionality. The software is available off the Shelf and also can be customized to the Broadcasters requirements based up on their business flow.

Admin Module

This module handles all the initial data to be fed in like the channel name, details of the organization/channel, user details, user profiling/rights, module association for each user and the database settings.

Key Features

• Access user creation
• Customizable user roles
• Access according to the user roles
• Manage Channel / Location creation
• Define Country, State and Area Code
• Manage Employee details
• Define Tax according to the services and hardware

Program Rights Management

This module maintains data relating to the inventory of programmers be it commissioned or acquired. This module is also seamlessly integrated with the Production Management module and maintains a current list of programmers that are available for airing. The various constraints or clauses of the contract when then content is procured can be captured in great detail.

Key Features

• Complete information and strong consistency over Agency / Client / Product/Versions
• Manages commercial time-band restrictions
• Strong hierarchical relationship between Sales Groups and Sales Executives
• Automatic & Dynamic rule-based multi-region rate cards to handle any type of business
• Built-in performance tracking & decision support reporting

Download - Rudra BMS Product Sheet