XStream GFX is a real-time graphics overlay system which creates, displays and controls fascinating multi-zone screens with rolls, crawls, animations, clocks, channel logos and more. It is suitable for cable TV channels, digital signage applications, info-channels of hotels and shopping malls etc.

The user-friendly GUI of XStream GFX allows you to add, edit and preview graphics insertions on the fly. Graphics can be placed anywhere on the video with various tweaks like transparency, scaling, docking, keying etc. Text graphics include simple typed text, text file and RSS feeds from web which can be edited during playout. You can also set the speed, direction, background transparency, font type of tickers. XStream GFX can also overlay flash animation (swf) files, tga sequences.


Download - SD/HD Graphics Overlay Server | Product Sheet

• Logos : Animated and Static Channel Bugs   and Logos

• Tickers : Multiple tickers and crawls linked   to external sources, news feeds etc. via   XML or RSS interface

• Clocks : Analog and Digital Clocks

• SMS Chat : Messages from any SMS server   in XML Format

• Animations : Macromedia Flash and Graphic   file sequences (TGA Sequence File   Support)

• Automatic Titling : What’s up next and other   graphics. Links to data in the
  playlist or XML

• TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION - Inputs : SDI,     Composite. Outputs : SDI, Composite