Skedula provides all necessary editing facilities for convenient playlist creation. You will find all expected features such as searching, cut/copy/paste, multi-selection editing, ordering facilities. Simple clip editing tools are provided within the integrated clip trimmer. It allows discarding unnecessary footage, clip splitting, last-minute order reversal within the same clip. Forget about returning the clip back to the editing suite - no need and no time! You can even edit the on-air playlist, XStream will automatically reload the new playlist on the next event .

Skedula imports traffic logs from third-party scheduling and traffic systems. This is achieved by using our universal tabdelimited and comma- separated values (CSV) import engine. Skedula does not require expensive hardware or ultra fast workstations, thus avoiding unnecessary expenses. All content previewing and editing is done by software decoders. Add clips by just drag-n-dropping them from Windows Explorer. Arrange their order by dragging them around.


• Skedula is an offline schedule editor, providing sophisticated editing facilities.
• Clip copying/pasting, schedule printing, etc.
• No special server or hardware is required. Skedula runs flawlessly on a notebook, even with software-based trimming and
• Its playlists are 100% compatible with XStreame for on-air usage. It is the main tool for the Program Editors, enabling them to
create and edit schedules many days and weeks in advance.