Near Video On Demand Playout System


The system gives the Direct-to-Home and MSO, an option to give its customers a unique movie experience with different movies playing across channels. Based on the business model the operator can charge the subscriber for the NVoD services or provide it free of charge. The operator can also charge the user based upon the subscription or Pay Per View basis. If a middleware is present on the STB then the system needs to be integrated with the middleware to provide an attractive interface for the subscriber. If there is no middleware on the STB and the NVoD is supported by the STB then the services will appear in to NVoD section on the STB.

The NVoD solution consists of different module : NVoD Manager, NVoD Ingest and NVoD Player.

Key Features

• Supports SD/HD content with MPEG ‐ 2 & MPEG ‐ 4 video
• Dual ASI output.
• The NVoD server is capable of playing 32 services (@ 3.5 Mbps per service) per server.
• Internal SATA II Storage 8 TB RAID5
• Redundant hot-swappable power supplies, so power supply failure does not effect the performance
• Number of Services can be configured based upon the requirements.
• Storage can be expanded and configured using external storage systems to meet growing requirements
• Easy to use graphical user interface.
• Ingest application to created the content from different sources like VTR, DVD player etc.
• Converter Tool to convert the file from different file formats to player compatible format
• Asset management
• Schedule Management

NVoD Ingest

• An external MPEG2/H.264 Encoder is used for encoding the content
• Provides a graphical interface for recording, managing and storing standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) video from VTR, Live feeds, server etc

NVoD Manager Functionality

Asset Management
• Facility to Add Asset automatically and manually
• Metadata like movie title, synopsis, categories about the asset can be added
• Automatic deletion of the Asset once the Asset is expired.

NVoD Configuration
• The SI/PSI information about the NVoD services can be defined in the configuration.
• The number of players and number of sessions per player can also be configured.

Schedule Management
• Facility to schedule different movies the whole day or playing the movie in the loop through out the day.
• The Completed NVoD Schedules for a specific date / a range of date can be exported to the player.


NVoD TS Converter

• The player needs the file to be in MPEG Audio TS format. This tool converts existing files from different file formats (Wav, mp3 etc) to the player compatible format.
• The encoding parameters can be defined while conversion.


NVoD Player Functionality

• The player is able to play 32 services and 140 Mb/s from one server.
• The software takes care of loading the schedule for following days and keeping the system ON AIR as long the schedule is present.
• A facility is provided to the user to play default clips when no schedules are present.
• The output of the server is a multiplexed output which can be directly integrated to multiplexer.

Physical Specification

• Supermicro 2U Chassis
• Dual ASI Out
• Intel Quad-Core Xeon Processor
• System 500 GB SATA 7200 HDD
• Storage 7 x 1 TB SATA 7200 HDD (RAID-5)
• 260W Redundant Power Supply


Download - NVoD Playout Product Sheet